• Aim, Mission and Vision

    Aim, Mission and Vision

    Aim of TMAA
    To facilitate maximization of Government revenue from the mining industry through effective monitoring and auditing of mining operations and ensuring sound environmental management in the mining areas.

    Our Mission
    To conduct financial and environmental audit as well as auditing of quality and quantity of minerals produced and exported…

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  • Roles and Functions

    Roles and Functions

    1. To monitor and audit quality and quantity of minerals produced and exported by large, medium and small scale miners; to determine revenue generated to facilitate collection of payable royalty;
    2. To audit capital investment and operating expenditure of the large and medium scale mines for the purpose of gathering taxable information and providing the same to the Tanzania Revenue Authority…

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  • Core Values

    Core Values

    We believe in integrity and determined to treat customers and each other with confidentiality, trust and honesty.

    We undertake our activities objectively; maintain the highest degree of professionalism and ethical standards, building value-added relationships with customers and stakeholders to deliver quality services.

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  • Major  Mines
  • Laboratory Services

    The Agency has a modern laboratory which provides laboratory services on behalf of the Government as well as commercial services for mineral explorers, miners, mineral traders, buyers and exporters.

    TMAA Laboratory receives all sorts of mineral ores, concentrates, bullions, rock and soil samples from individuals as well as corporate entities to ascertain mineral contents.
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  • Publications

    TMAA Annual Report 2013

    This report covers results of auditing activities performed by Tanzania Minerals Audit Agency…

    TMAA Annual Report 2012

    This report covers results of auditing activities performed by Tanzania Minerals Audit Agency…

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  • Mineral Occurrence

    mineral occurrence Mineral Occurrence in Tanzania Map displays the spatial minerals distribution and occurrence known and found in Tanzania Read more
  • Latest News

    TANGAZO: MOTISHA KWA YEYOTE ATAKAYEFANIKISHA KUKAMATWA… Wizara ya Nishati na Madini (WNM) inapenda kuutangazia umma kuwa kuanzia tarehe 15 Januari… TAARIFA YA UMMA: UTEUZI WA BODI YA WAKURUGENZI… Rais wa Jamhuri ya Muungano wa Tanzania, Mhe. Dkt. Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete, amemteua Dkt.… Read more
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